General information

The BrandBird JS SDK allows developers to easily integrate the BrandBird editor into their website with a few lines of code.

Developers have the option to customize BrandBird with their company brand colors, and the logo by passing a few parameters.

Customers will see the BrandBird editor as part of your product and access it without any limitations.

Use Cases

The BrandBird JS SDK is perfect for businesses looking to provide their customers with an easy-to-use image editing tool. With the JS SDK, you can integrate a user-friendly image editor seamlessly into your website, giving your customers access to all the features of the editor without leaving your site. This makes it easier for your customers to create & edit images without having to learn a new interface or leave your website.


The pricing for the BrandBird JS SDK is based on monthly views. A view is counted every time someone opens the editor from your domain. The pricing is as follows:

  • Up to 1k views: $79/month
  • Up to 5k views: $159/month
  • Above 5k views: $250/month

If you need more than 5k views per month, you can contact BrandBird for custom pricing.

Free community edition

Another alternative is to integrate BrandBird into your app without the white label option.

In this scenario, customers will see BrandBird with its official brand colors and have the limitation of the free tier (unless they own a BrandBird Pro license).

It is worth noting that this option is free of charge.

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