The BrandBird community showcases the best templates & assets by our creators.

By publishing your templates in our community, you get exposure to your unique Creator Profile that can link to your social media accounts, portfolio, and product.

The BrandBird community templates page

The BrandBird community templates page

In this article, I'll walk you through creating your public creator profile.

1. Navigate to your account page

Log in to your BrandBird and navigate to your personal account page at

2. Enable your public profile

Enable the "Show my name, and avatar on BrandBird community" toggle to make your Creator Profile public.

3. Choose a handle for your public URL

Create a unique handle for your profile that will be used for your unique profile URL. Use a short handle to avoid creating a super long URL for your profile.

Also, keep in mind that changing your handle will automatically alter your public URL. Then, it's not wise to update your handle frequently.

4. Edit your public information

Edit your first name, last name, and avatar fields in your Personal Information section.

Optionally, you can define a few public links for your website, your Twitter/X profile, and your LinkedIn profile. These links can help you boost visibility on your portfolio & social media accounts.

Preview of a BrandBird  creator profile

Creator profile preview

Your Profile is Ready! 🎉

Now, your creator profile is public, and anyone can duplicate & remix your templates to create amazing graphics.

Your unique URL is in this format:{your-handle}.

Next Step

Follow this tutorial to learn how to publish your templates in your creator profile.

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