The BrandBird community includes templates & assets from our favorite creators.

By publishing your templates in our community you get exposure to your unique Creator Profile that can link to your social media pages, your portfolio, or your product.

In this article, I'll walk you through the process of creating a public creator profile & publishing your templates in our community.

Setup your Creator Profile

1. Navigate to your account

Log in to your BrandBird and navigate to your personal account page at .

2. Edit your details

Your first & last name and your avatar will be publicly visible to your Creator Profile, but not your email address.

3. Make your profile public

Enable the "Show my name, and avatar on BrandBird community" toggle to make your Creator Profile public.

Publish your first template

1. Find your template

Navigate to your templates page and find the template you want to share with the BrandBird community.

2. Make the template public

Click the 3-dots icon at the top right corner of your template and select the “Share” option.

Then, change the template’s visibility to “Public” to grant public access to your template.

3. Share the template with the community

Enable the "Showcase on the BrandBird community" toggle button and your template will be shared in our community.

If you ever want to remove the template from your community, you can just disable the toggle button.

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