The text editing functionality got a holistic revamp to improve your user experience (UX) and allow more styling freedom.

Now you can fully customize the text style and its backgrounds with many options.

BrandBird text resize and scale demo

Better Layer Transform

The text layer allows you to both resize & scale the text to improve your editing experience.

1. The handles in the corners scale the text layer.

2. The handles in the left & right edges of the layer resize the layer’s width.

Each line fits the container width by default. That’s why resizing the layer width comes in handy.

Also, you can always force a new line by pressing “Enter” during typing.

Customize text styling options

Customise Text Styles

Now, you can fully customize the style of your text layers.

Add background to your text, colorful borders, split lines between your text, or even add text shadow to the letters.

It’s an easy way to create unique text effects for your designs that match your branding.

BrandBird popular text effects gallery

BrandBird showcases a gallery with popular text effects for inspiration about the text styling. They also show you the possibility with the new styling options.

Feel free to explore the gallery and suggest any new text effects to me at jim(at)

BrandBird option to justify align text

Justify Align

We've added the justify align option now!

It stretches the lines so that each line has an equal width (like in newspapers and magazines).

By default, the last line does not use the justify option to avoid weird visual bugs.

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