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🌅Fit canvas to your image with padding around

Learn how to fit canvas to your image with equal padding around the image on BrandBird

Many times is useful to create a graphic with equal padding around your image.

In this quick tutorial, you’ll learn how to achieve this effect with 3 simple steps.

Let’s dive in!

Notion image

1. Import a Layout Image

Add a layout image on the BrandBird canvas in two ways: 1. Via the “Images” sidebar section and using the upload button 2. Paste an image to BrandBird (CMD+V or CTRL+V for windows)

2. Fit image to canvas

Open the top header’s canvas dimensions menu, and click the "Fit canvas to image button"  (No.1 & 2).

3. Customize the padding around

Adjust the padding around the image with the "Scale" slider on the sidebar (No.3).

That’s all, hope you enjoy using the BrandBird editor!

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